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Flowers of the Forest

Enter the name of a recently deceased individual (or individuals) in the box under "Flower of the Forest Name" that you would like to see honored at the Flowers of the Forest ceremony at our Highland Games, July 2017. You may write a short tribute in the box under "Short Eulogy."  

Jason Dunlap

Loving father, and dedicated clansman. Always made sure we knew our roots. Wish you were here.


Wayne Erickson

Wayne Erickson loved his Clan Graham Scottish Heritage.


Glen (McDonald) Beardall

Glen truly loved his Scottish McDonald Clan & Payson Pulver heritage. He attended the Payson Festival well into his 90s & loved being a beginner piper!


John Sorensen

In memory of John Sorensen, the youngest of 5 siblings and always the joy and laughter that glued our family together, with a heart as big as he was. Oh how we miss you, Johnny-boy!


Margaret( Millard-Henderson) McCusker

Mother, Scottish daughter of immigrant parents. Missed by all who knew and loved her.


Erick Evenhouse


Julie Hutchins Penrod- Clan McAllister


Doreen Larsen- Clan McAllister


Garth Larsen- Clan McAllister


Monte Morgan

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